The traditional string follow is an example of an American Semi-longbow.  It is available in lengths from 64 to 70 inches with a 16 inch riser.  Limb tips have either an overlay or an internal wedge that extends 2 inches below the nock grooves.  Both tip designs are fastflight capable.  It has about 1 inch of string follow that makes for a very smooth shooting bow with no noticeable hand shock.  All of my bows are wrapped with the highest quality of top grain leather or suede.  Action bamboo is my standard core in either a natural or caramel color.  I also offer yew, red cedar, osage, honey locust, red elm, or maple, as core material.  Glass options are clear, red, gray, green, brown, black, and white.  I commonly stock bocote, yew, osage, honey locust, and red cedar for veneers as well.  I use Thunderbird finish avaiable in gloss or satin.

Standard riser material includes:

 osage, morado/pau fero, indian rosewood, bubinga, zebrawood, birdseye maple, and walnut.

Base price is $475

Exotic riser (ebony gaboon, cocobolo,  zircote, and similar woods) will vary based on cost of specific lumber.

Veneers are usually around $50   

Riser or tip overlays for longbows (including antler) add $30


Bowyer, Brian McBroom

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