Bowyer, Brian McBroom

                     McBroom Custom Bow Company   

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TheMojo is a 50's style recurve with semi-static tips.  It is 60 inches in length and has a 17" riser.  The tips have either phenolic or hardwood overlays.  The grip can be made as small as 4-1/2" in diameter.  The shelf is cut anywhere from 1/8"+ to 1/16" past center.  The limbs are 1-1/2" at the fades and 15/16" at the tips.

I am a custom bowyer.  The Mojo can be had with just about any riser material you desire.  Limbs can be made with maple, yew, osage, honey locust, bamboo, or birch.  Highly figured veneers can be had with bocote, zebra, yew, or just about any other materials that you desire.  If I can get it, you can have it.

Base price is $525



7066 West Brown Street Peoria, AZ 85345  (480) 370-2816